Quantapore Inc. was founded in 2009

around a core group of scientists with various backgrounds.













Michael Q. Chen, Ph.D. - Director of Engineering
Dr. Chen leads the engineering team in developing and validating Quantapores NPS technology. Dr. Chen attended Stanford University as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, where he received his Ph.D. studying the effects of stem cell transplantation on the hear's electrical system. He has a wide range of experiences, having authored academic publications and patents in medical devices, in vitro diagnostic systems, and clinical sciences. In addition to Quantapore, he is serving as a Visiting Scholar at Stanford in the Department of Electrical Engineering. 


Diping Che, Ph.D.
Dr. Che has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and optical instrumentation.

His broad expertise spans over optics, spectroscopy, chemical physics, DNA microarray and product development. He served in various engineering and management roles within Alpha Innotech, Illumina, Vysis, and World Precision Instruments. Dr. Che received PhD in Physical Chemistry from Syracuse University and did postdoctoral research in biophysics at University of California, Santa Cruz.







Reading the human genome.


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