What would you do if you could sequence a human genome?














And what would you do if you could sequence a human genome in a matter of hours rather than weeks for only a fraction of today's sequencing cost?


The applications are countless, ranging from digital gene expression to diagnostic sequencing, but in more general terms it would mean a quantum leap forward to a more complete understanding of the information stored in our genetic material.

Quantapore is developing a novel, massively parallel sequencer, which will allow rapid, affordable and accurate sequencing of entire genomes. Our proprietary sequencing technology will eliminate the bottlenecks associated with today's sequencing methods, namely laborious sample preparation, short read length, high cost and limited throughput. 


This capability will enable the sequencing of whole genomes within a day and thereby revolutionize the understanding, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a wide variety of diseases. In addition, the benefits of deciphering entire genomic information will be available to nearly everyone as the cost per genome will be reduced dramatically.

Reading the human genome.


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