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The Human Genome Project was initiated in 1990 and aimed at deciphering the entire human DNA sequence. It took over 13 years and cost $3 Billion dollars until a first draft sequence of the human genome was presented. In 2006, the first so-called next generation sequencing machine was introduced. Since then the throughput of sequenced bases per run increased dramatically while the cost per base spiraled down in a mind-numbing pace. Despite these enormous improvements current genomic platforms are still too inefficient and too expensive for genome-wide analysis, hindering the realization of personal genomic sequencing.


Quantapore's solution

Quantapore is developing a novel, nanopore-based sequencing technology that will allow the deciphering of a human genome in less than a day for a fraction of today's sequencing cost. In addition, no sample preparation will be necessary - the user only adds nucleic acid to the sequencing cartridge. After inserting the cartridge into the sequencer the process of reading the sequence will start automatically.





Reading the human genome.


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