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Dr. Jason Myers

Dr. Myers is a biochemist with a wealth of experience in genomics and product development. He received his PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from Stanford University School of Medicine in 2005 where he developed and commercialized an RNA interference (RNAi) technology with Ambion, Invitrogen, and Roche. This innovative RNAi technology named In Vitro Dicing was widely used, especially in high-throughput and high-content loss-of-function screening studies, because it was the least expensive, most efficient, and most effective gene silencing method available. Dr. Myers received funding from the American Cancer Society and Canary Foundation to complete three years of post-doctoral training at Stanford University in the Department of Biochemistry. During his post-doctoral fellowship he developed novel microarray-based methods and software to investigate genome-wide regulation of post-transcriptional gene expression. Shortly after the semiconductor sequencing company Ion Torrent was formed Dr. Myers joined and worked with the team to develop the novel sequencing chemistry and system. Subsequently he led a cross-functional product development team dedicated to collaborations with thought-leading customers to further develop the Ion Torrent technology and sequencing applications. In 2013 Dr. Myers co-founded ArcherDx Inc. with Dr. A. John Iafrate and Dr. Long P. Le to develop NGS-based assays for clinical oncology. Later in 2013 he joined Enzymatics as Chief Scientific Officer through the acquisition of ArcherDx by Enzymatics Inc.  In 2015, Dr. Myers reassumed the role of CEO at ArcherDX after the acquisition of specific assets of Enzymatics by Qiagen.