Quantapore is building a new generation of DNA sequencer, capable of analyzing the encoded information in single DNA molecules. This machine will shape the course of biomedical research for years to come.

Building such a device requires a special breed of engineer. You will join a small, dedicated, highly skilled R&D team. Development is still in an early stage, and your insights and contributions will give shape to the ultimate product, and our ultimate success.

You will have primary responsibility for instrument control, instrument UI, and data acquisition. Your code will be at the heart of our shipping product.

Essential requirements:

  • In depth knowledge of C++
  • Experience with concurrency in C++
  • A minimum of 5 years experience with C++ in industry. Greater experience is strongly preferred.
  • Shipped at least one software product
  • C++ development experience on both Windows and Linux

Strongly preferred:

  • Experience with BOOST
  • Real time data acquisition
  • Experience with biomedical instrumentation
  • Linux internals and system programming

Nice to have, in some combination:

  • Qt
  • Digital cameras
  • GPU programming

Please send your current resume to software-jobs@quantapore.com. We look forward to hearing from you.