Our Board

Dr. Dickinson is the executive chairman of ChromaCode, a private clinical diagnostics company. He has been a member of the Company’s board since August 2017. Previously Dr. Dickinson was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Illumina, Inc. where his responsibilities included working with national governments and large institutions to develop precision medicine programs for healthcare systems. Earlier he led the team that built Illumina’s cloud-based sequencing informatics platform, BaseSpace, now one of the world’s largest genomic databases. Dr. Dickinson joined Illumina in 2010 when the company acquired Helixis, a molecular diagnostics company that he led as CEO after co-founding with Caltech Professor Axel Scherer and Nobel Laureate David Baltimore. Dr. Dickinson was previously the founder and CEO of Luxtera, a leading provider of interconnect products for cloud computing. He began his career as a researcher at AT&T Bell Labs and has been awarded over 40 patents covering a range of inventions including the camera and fingerprint CMOS chip technologies widely used in today’s smartphones. Dr. Dickinson holds a Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and an MBA from Columbia University in New York.
Alexander G. Dickinson
Mr. Feng Deng founded Northern Light Venture Capital (NLVC) in 2005. He currently manages over US$ 4.5 billion with 5 US$ funds and 5 RMB funds. He has led and backed nearly 200 companies, focusing on 4 main sectors: TMT (technology, media and telecom), clean technology, healthcare and consumer. The portfolio companies that Feng invested and manages include APUS, ThunderSoft, Macrosan, Meituan, Baihe, LineKong, ChineseAll, GigaDevice, BGI, China Music, LianLian, Burning Rock Biotech, Hillstone Networks, Spreadtrum, CITIC Pharma, Aerohive Networks, etc. Prior to NLVC, Feng was a co-founder of NetScreen Technologies, which went public on NASDAQ and was later acquired by Juniper Networks in 2004 for US$ 4.2 billion. Feng is recipient of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2002) and CRN Innovator of the Year (2003) awards. He has extensive technical and managerial experiences in computer, communication and data networking industries.
Feng Deng
Dr.Huber is a co-founder of Quantapore and the inventor of Quantapore’s sequencing technology. Martin holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry (cum laude) from the University of Vienna, Austria. He has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology start-ups both in Europe and the US. During this time he held positions of increasing responsibilities and was involved in the product development process from early feasibility experiments to successful product launches.
Martin Huber, Ph.D.
Dr. Steve Sun co-founded GENEWIZ, Inc. in 1999 and held the positions of Chairman and CEO, building the company from a two-person biotech startup to an international operation employing 1000+ people amongst 10+ laboratories across the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China. Leading in genomic services, GENEWIZ is a cornerstone of the life sciences community and enables research scientists worldwide to advance their discoveries. GENEWIZ was acquired by Brooks Automation, Inc. (Nasdaq: BRKS) in November of 2018.  
Steve is currently the Chairman of Admera Health, which he co-founded in 2014. Admera Health develops and commercializes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based pharmacogenomics (PGx) assays as laboratory developed tests (LDTs), decoding how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. PGx testing helps reduce adverse drug reactions, which has been one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. for several decades.  
Steve serves on the boards of several biotech companies. He was an Advisory Board member at the Commercialization Center of Innovative Technology in the state of New Jersey, and a founding board director of Frontage Laboratories (HKEX: Steve received his PhD from Columbia University, his postdoc training at the Rockefeller University, and his MS and B. Eng. degrees from Tsinghua University.
Steve Sun
Dr. Dennstedt earned his medical degree and his Master of Science in molecular genetics at the University of Vienna, Austria. He founded VBC-GENOMICS Bioscience Research GmbH (LLC), with two life science professors in 1999. A spin-off from the University of Vienna, VBC-Genomics rapidly gained a strong position within the Austrian biotech scene, based on its success as a service provider in oligonucleotide synthesis and custom sequencing. In research, the company focused on the development of diagnostic assays based on microarrays. The acquisition of VBC-Genomics by an international company ten years later, enabled Dr. Dennstedt to make a series of additional investments in and contributions to the life science space.
As CEO of the sequencing and oligonucleotide service provider, VBC-Biotech, located at the Vienna Biotech Campus, he structured the acquisition of VBC-Biotech by Eurofins in 2011. He was also an investor in and advisor to Genosense Diagnostics, a pioneer of preventive genetic diagnostics  that allows physicians and patients to use genetic information for disease prevention.
In 2009, Dr. Martin Huber and Dr. Dennstedt founded Quantapore Inc. with the ambition of commercializing a single molecule, nanopore sequencing platform and revolutionizing the field of DNA sequencing.
In 2016, Dr. Dennstedt and Dr. Christian Harwanegg, with whom Dr. Dennstedt was a peer during the early days of VBC-Genomics, founded Macroarray Diagnostics (MADx), a multiplex allergy testing platform.
Dr. Dennstedt continues to broaden his knowledge base. He is currently earning his Master of Science in digital currencies, at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. By developing complementary skills in blockchain technology and life sciences, he is poised to continue to be an industry thought leader as AI, blockchain technology, and big data play larger and larger roles in our futures.
Sascha C. Dennstedt, MD, MSc.